1. Tub & Tray Transfer Cart - a more agile method of transferring your tubs/trays to a different location with option to track shipment information.
  2. Adding & Uploading Images and Labeling Them - Upload more descriptive images to clearly describe the tray, it's contents, and/or directions for resetting.

Tub & Tray Transfer Cart 

Rather than having to create a case to move multiple trays at once, or manually move trays individually, you can use the Transfer Cart to quickly move multiple Tubs/Trays at once. Just as you would during shipment.

From your Tray/Tub Groups page, select the tray groups you are interested in moving:

Now, select the individual sets that are to be shipped/transferred and select "Add to Transfer Cart":

Now, just like if you were shopping online, you will have those items added to your cart:

After clicking into the cart, you will have the option to simply Transfer or Transfer & Ship the kits.

By just selecting "Transfer" you will digitally move the trays without worrying about shipping information. This might be the case if you're using your courier or staff to move the tray. Or, Transfer & Ship the kits which will allow you to include shipment tracking information.

Adding & Uploading Images with Description

We're continuing to add more places where pictures can be included to drive accountability, chain of custody, and better visual communication of your inventory. 

Now, anywhere you're adding images, you will have the ability to add a title and description to them. And, you can upload multiple at one time.

(From mobile)

Then, select Upload Files>Select Files

"Select files..." will bring up options to Take Photo, view Photo Library, or Browse. After you take your photo(s) or upload them, you can label and describe them: