1. Procedures & Preferences - We’ve adjusted these to help you better organize your data for analytics. Updates to preferences will now allow you to add procedure side and other procedure modifiers.
  2. Reporting - You may have noticed the Analytics page is no longer there; Don’t worry, it’s been renamed and upgraded with more ad hoc reporting functionality.
  3. Importing - Faster uploads, better reliability, and clear feedback so you can be confident the data has been uploaded successfully. 
  4. Tubs/Trays - You can now add implants & instruments to any tub or tray. You can also more easily flag items as missing without removing them from the kit.

Procedures and Preferences

We’ve updated the process for creating procedures that helps organize them for future analytics. As a rule, when adding procedures, you should only add what the procedure is called on a surgical schedule. 

Information about the products and kit needs for those procedures can be specified in the procedure preferences created for each surgeon. Now you can include more than one manufacturer in the preference and quickly duplicate and add modifiers for similar procedures. 

For example, you may have Total Knee’s which require side-specific kits and add a little more detail for Navigation. The optional modifier field offers another level of description for similar procedure preferences.


The analytics tab has been replaced by Reports. In addition to this, we have added a Custom tab where you can do ad hoc reporting that pulls in only the information that you are looking for. 

How to add to your top navigation bar: (Admin access required) go to Account Settings>My Company>App Settings and in the “Main Navigation Links” you can add “Reports.”

Tubs & Trays

These are now universal with the ability to put instruments and/or implants in either. You can upload an implant and/or instrument template for any of these. Keep in mind you will have to upload them separately which you can from the Group page. 

To help track the items currently in each tray/tub, we have added the ability to mark items missing and note reason/updates.

This is phase one of this feature. In the upcoming weeks, you’ll have access to a report of all items that are missing and be able to map. 

For now, you will see the statuses as complete or missing items when you click in to view the families. In the past, you could only do this one at a time. Now you can select multiple kit families at once so you can quickly locate all the trays you’re looking for.