Note: Because you can manage the Terminology for each organization, you may call it something different. For purposes of this article, we'll refer to Facilities as Hospitals.

You can add your Hospitals from the green plus sign on your top navigation, or from the Hospitals list view. 

When adding your Hospital, you can search our database. If you can't find them, feel free to add them on your own. We only require the name and type:

You can link Hospitals to their Surgeons while creating them.

If you haven't added all the Surgeons for that Hospital, don't worryAfter you've created your Surgeon and are scheduling a case with them, you can link them together by selecting "Add Hospital" 

Then, search for that Hospital in the sidebar and select to add it.

Now that Hospital will be available each time you schedule another case.

Now that your Hospital is created, you can now begin managing all the information for that facility right in their profile. This includes all the affiliated contacts, Notes (e.g. how to access the OR), Pricing contracts, Files, etc. 

Bonus: If you're using the Revenue functionality, your P.O.'s will automatically be sorted by facility and show anything still open.