Note: Because you can manage the Terminology for each organization, you may call it something different. For purposes of this article, we'll refer to Physicians as Surgeons.

You can add your Surgeons from the green plus sign on your top navigation, or from the Surgeons list view. 

When adding your Surgeon, you can search our database (1). If you can't find them, feel free to add them on your own. NPI is required to help you avoid creating duplicates and hurting your data down the road. Here's a link to the NPI database if you need to look it up.

Pro Tip: Adding a photo (2) is a good idea so any new team members can quickly reference what they look like. 

You can link Surgeons to their Hospitals while creating them. 

This helps speed up your scheduling process. When scheduling a case, after you select the Surgeon, your Hospital field will only pull in the Hospitals they're associated with. 

If you don't have Hospitals created yet, don't worry. After you create them, you can link them together while you're scheduling a case by selecting "Add Hospital" 

Then, search for that Hospital in the sidebar and select to add it.

Now that Hospital will be available each time you schedule another case.

Now that you're Physician is created, you can now begin managing all their information on their profile. This includes setting up their Procedure Preferences, saving their affiliated contacts information, notes, files, and much more!