Schedule a Case in Surgio and Selecting Unique Trays

Once you have your procedures and trays built, you can schedule your case. 

To start scheduling your case, click on the “schedule one now?” Button on the dashboard, or by click on the green plus icon in the top right corner and select schedule case. 

From the popup, you will select the date of the case, the hospital, and the surgeon.
This process will filter the cases on the Case Schedule so you can easily find your case.

If you find your case on schedule, click Add to schedule. This will connect your case with the Centura Case Calendar allowing information to be pre-filled when setting up your case. 

If you cannot find your case on the Case Calendar, you will select Schedule New Case at the bottom of the screen. 

When scheduling your case, you will select the time of the case, the Surgeon, The hospital, the procedure, and selecting the procedure side is optional. 

In Case Configuration, you will select the manufacturers, select the tray groups, and pick the estimated delivery date of the trays.  

Once all of those are filled out, click save. 

On the next page, you will select the individual trays you are bringing in for the case. 

Click on Select Unique Trays to start. 

Here you can select the individual trays you are bringing in for the case. 

Once the trays are selected. Click save. 

Your trays are now ready for delivery at the hospital.