Watch the video below to find out how to edit a tray group template. 


In the top menu click on tray groups.

Find the tray group by typing in the name to the filter

Click on the tray group name

Select template on the side menu

On the template screen, you are able to edit the template by: 

  • Adding an item

  • Editing an item on the list

  • Reorder the items on the list 

Add an Item

To add an item that is missing from the list, click “Add item” in the top right-hand corner. From the popup, you can Input the necessary information to add the item to the list. 

Edit an Item

Click on the three dots next to the item. 

Select edit.

Here you can edit the items information and add a category.

Reorder an Item

To reorder an item, click and hold the drag handle and place it in the order you would like it to be displayed. 

Make sure the list is in the order you would like to be displayed on the count sheet.