This demonstrates how vendors can print labels for their consigned trays.

Vendor process: 

1. Start - Log into Surgio at a designated vendor computer

2. Scan the permanent label on the tray

3. Select “Print Wrap Label” in the upper right corner of the pop-up to print a label that can be placed on the outside of the wrap or container 

4. Finish - follow the facility's process for getting consigned trays through the sterilizer.


If the vendor scans the label and an error message appears saying, "Tray Not Found", a SPD staff with Tray Editing permissions will need to link the vendor's Surgio organization to the tray. 

Follow the steps below to link the vendor to the tray: 

1. In the tray groups navigation tab, SPD Staff searches for vendor trays 

2. Find the matching unique tray found on the permanent label

3. Click on the 3 dots on the left side of the unique tray and select "Edit Tray" 

4. In the configuration box below, select type of tray as “Parked loaner” or “Consigned”

5. Select vendors organization in dropdown “User” box. **This is the organization they registered with when they signed up for Surgio and can be found at the center of the dashboard when they sign into their account:

6. Click save and rescan the tray