Uploading a template for a Tray Group

1. Start - Click on Tray Groups in the top navigation bar

2. Click on the tray group name for the tray group you would like to edit

3. On the left side menu, select “Template”

4. To add a new item to the template click “Add Item”


  • Select the manufacturer
  • Enter the part number
  • Type in a name for the instrument (optional)
  • Type a description of the instrument
  • Enter any special instructions about the instrument. This can include areas to watch for with bio-burden or any special assembly instructions.


  • Change the quantity of the instruments – both expected and required. “Expected” means the quantity that typically is included in the set of instruments. “Required” means the number of instruments that are absolutely necessary to have in the instrument set or else the instrument set cannot be used in surgery.
  • Type in the category of instruments this new item belongs to. This is used to break out the assembly page and count sheet into different categories. For example, if the new instrument is a type of forceps, and the existing count sheet has a category called “Forceps,” then you would want to add the “Forceps” category to this new instrument.
  • Add what level the instrument belongs to in a multi-level tray
  • Add any acceptable substitute/alternate part numbers for the set by clicking “Add Alternate Items.”

4. Click “Add Another” (if more items are going to be added to the template) OR

5. Click “Save and Close” if you were just adding the one item