Import Items

1. Start - Click on Tray Groups in the top navigation bar

2. Click on the tray group name for the tray group you would like to edit

3. On the left side menu, select “Template”

4. After clicking on “Template” on the left menu, click the “Import” button

5. In order to upload the new contents, the upload file must have these columns filled in at a minimum.

  • Part_number
  • Description
  • Type (either “implant” or “instrument”
  • Standard_qty
  • Required_qty

There is an example template format that can be downloaded by clicking the hyperlink “(download here)”. These headings must be named as they are listed above and the file must be saved as a “.csv” file

5. The “Type of Inventory” radio button can be kept as the default with “Instrument” selected

6. Click “Choose File”

7. Navigate to where the file has been saved on your computer and select it

8. Click “Import”

There will be an alert in the bottom right that gives the status of the upload. there will also be information that displays across the top of the window that also shows the number of items processed stored and if there are any errors. 

Pay attention to the number of items stored. If this is zero, then something went wrong with the import.

9. Once the import has been completed, you can refresh the screen to verify the contents of the template are visible.